The Band




Bathgate Band & Bathgate Youth Band are delighted to announce the formation of a new band in the family.

Bathgate Foundry Band is being established as a lower section band providing a development platform for young musicians who are looking to further their musical careers, as well as for established musicians looking for the opportunity to play without the pressures of the upper section bands.

The Bathgate Foundry name builds on the historical links between Bathgate Band and its heritage, where the band received support from the foundry concerns in the local area.

The band will rehearse at Bathgate Band’s hall at Unit 6 Houston Interchange Business Park, Livingston, EH54 5DW on a Tuesday evening between 6:30 and 8:00 pm from 15th January 2019.


Any brass or percussion musicians wishing to come along should get in contact via Facebook Messenger: Bathgate Foundry Band or email:

The History

The Foundry:

1907 - 2009

The Band: 

2019 - Future

 The foundry was built in 1907 by the North British Steel Foundry Company and partly funded by George MacBeth Menzies, whose family name has been associated with it ever since. It grew to be the largest of the town’s three foundries, employing 350 by 1923 and 500 by 1950 with its own male voice choir. Along with the other two plants, Renton Fisher and Bathgate Foundry, it made steel products used on the Forth Road Bridge and exported across the world.


As a salute to this community heritage, the Bathgate Band Family launched a new development band called: 'The Bathgate Foundry Band'. This ensemble will be the third band in the organisation and aim to develop more experienced youth players, while also affording more experienced adult players an opportunity to offer their guidance to the next generation